Philip Martin Photography

Based in Adelaide, South Australia since 1985, Philip Martin has gained a reputation as a commercial photographer committed to excellence in visual communication.

A broad range of experience in location and studio work enables Philip to produce desired results from a given objective, on digital or film, whether self-initiated or working collaboratively with management, designers, advertising agencies, the government sector, communication consultants, marketing departments and public relations consultants.

" I really enjoy working with people as seen from the images on this site.

Communication in the working environment is of the utmost priority to me.  I believe it is vital to establish initially what is required in the brief or assignment, and ensure that all parties are aware of the end goal. I like to seek continual feedback and clarification from all stakeholders whether it is the client, art director, talent or subject, end user, printing house or anyone involved in the project to ensure that the end result meets or surpasses expectations.

As well as that, it’s important to have fun!”

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